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GHAC Acura “Show Exceptionality”

Time: 2020-06-12 14:46:30

Product technology introduction:

"Show exceptions" activity shows the product attributes of CDX "natural exceptions" visually through two forms of business district display and city tour, approaching the young and middle-aged people in the city, arousing the inner resonance of individual people, triggering the deep memory and recognition of brand models, and detonating the spread and exposure of CDX. Through the editable and playable body dazzle color transformation, the display of brand elements, young personality and other video images while the vehicle is driving has become the first domestic body video broadcast dazzle tour and business circle display activity.

City Cruises

The customized glare CDX car was refitted on November 3 and 4 to "show the exception" Shanghai station famous business district Bund and Huaihai Road for city tour, during which to show the product's tonality and highlight the product's character. With the body processing of China Netcom, full of programmable lamp beads for the overall pattern effect extension display processing.

Business district display

On November 4 and 5, a visual feast with a strong sense of space was created in the bustling business district of Shanghai. Combined with the dynamic media decorative surface and glare led CDX, a kaleidoscope like interior effect was created to attract the young people who love the trend and personality to experience. In the exhibition, it shows the extreme performance of CDX's style, and the characteristic interaction expresses the "exception" of CDX.

Marketing background and objectives:

In recent years, Guangqi Honda's success in the Chinese market comes from its successful cultivation of young consumers. Guangqi Acura uses its experience for reference to explore the post-90s youth market with premium and sporty personality positioning recognized by the market. The power combination and advanced technology of Guangqi Acura CDX, which is one level higher than competitive products, make CDX a small premium The activities of "performance heterogeneous" and "show exceptional" in SUV focus on the exceptional perception brought by CDX "performance heterogeneous". In the national key cities, with the cooperation of personalized colorful business district display and city tour, they attract topic attention, focus on exposure, show product strength, comprehensively improve brand influence, help sales, and directly hit the target audience of post-90s!

Advertising strategy:

"Show the exception" is a large-scale event marketing and advertisement through city tour, which causes topic concern. Combined with business circle display, it focuses on exposure, strongly attracts people's attention, directly attacks the target group, creates explosive points, and collects sales leads.

The city tour covers key urban areas at night, takes into account the new and noble groups, spreads widely, arouses topics and regional concerns in a wide range, and arouses public curiosity to preheat the exhibition gathering.

The business district exhibition focuses on the exposure, creates the communication tipping point, and influences the target audience in a short distance.

The business district exhibition forms a three-dimensional coverage in cooperation with the city tour, focuses on the high-density continuous exposure, causes the hot spot effect, comprehensively helps the brand concern, transmits the model personality, and recruits for the follow-up activities.

Media communication: 

"Show exceptions" activities use social means to spread, strengthen the guidance to the offline, form effective clues and then deliver them to the experience site, forming a marketing closed-loop.            

In the early stage of the activity, it actively spread on social media, creating and publishing micro-blog's topic pages, and previewing official micro-blog activities. It also chose to close the Primium X sporty target positioning crowd's tiktok and live media beauty pat for the activity announcement.            

During the activity, the site participated in the static exhibition interaction of the business circle, and the site customers scanned the QR code to obtain customized H5 pictures for sharing in the circle of friends, directly close to the target audience's life circle. The H5 link shared with the pictures taken by the customer's interactive participation increases the sharing and topic, so that the exceptional product temperament of Guangqi Acura CDX can be deeply praised in the circle of friends.            

In addition, three popular Internet Celebrities in Shanghai, Meijias, musan Boyan and M3 xuruoxi, broadcast the event live, and 160000 people watched it online at the same time. Shanghai bang, surging news, auto lab and other well-known media in Shanghai also reported on the event.            

The amount of media coverage reached 510000, covering 2.12 million people, which is equivalent to the amount of attention paid by domestic provincial TV stations.

Market effect:

l For the first time, dazzle light refitted cars are used in the prosperous business circle to stimulate the inner resonance of young people with shocking vision and trigger the deep memory and recognition of brand models. Through the editable and playable body dazzle color transformation, the display of brand elements, young personality and other video images while the vehicle is driving has become the first domestic body video broadcast dazzle tour activity.            

l The "nature exception" product attribute of CDX is well known by more young people in the market through its premium and sporty temperament.            

l A large number of people through the business district were attracted to pay attention to the outdoor business district display of Joy City in Shanghai station of "showing exceptions". The city tour at night covers the key urban areas of the city, showing a large range. The flow of people at the activity site reached 480000, and the total number of people covered by the activity reached 2.12 million.            

l The active participation of the on-site audience, media assistance, concentrated and high-density brand exposure, triggered the hot spot effect, and formed a high reputation communication inside and outside the industry.            

l The interactive experience displayed by the business district is a close experience of CDX's "exception" attribute for those who love trends and fresh target audiences. 961 clues are collected, including 678 effective clues, which are much higher than the customer's goal and highly recognized by customers.


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