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Dentsu One China (Shanghai Branch) Creates a New TVC for SKECHERS GOWALK Walking Shoes on CCTV

Time: 2020-03-27 00:00:00

In 2019, DENTSU ONE (Shanghai) successfully built a brand proposition of "there is a comfort called GOWALK" for the SKECHERS' walking shoes series GOWALK, and continuously strengthened the awareness of "SKECHERS = comfort" to consumers.

In 2020, when new products are about to go on the market, which should have been upgraded, they have encountered unprecedented impact. Since the beginning of the year, the whole market economy has been greatly impacted by the epidemic. Facing the special environment, how to find a new breakthrough for the new GOWALK walking shoes series has become the most difficult challenge.

After several rounds of close discussions with customers, combined with the market insight, DENTSU ONE (Shanghai) proposed a brand strategy of promoting healthy life concept for SKECHERS. Through the observation and analysis of big data, it is accurately predicted that the sports and health industry will usher in a round of explosive consumption at the end of the epidemic.

Combined with the particularity of the epidemic and the uniqueness of the products, the experienced DENTSU ONE (Shanghai) finally found the connection point of comfortable and healthy life for SKECHERS. Through in-depth mining of user insights, closely combining the core product points of the series of "comfortable, long-term walking without tiredness", we strongly launched the upgrading concept of "walking more healthy". Encourage consumers to actively go out of their homes after the epidemic and start a new starting point for health. Through the combination of consumer psychology and products, it skillfully helps customers to upgrade the brand impression.

At the same time, in order to better create a positive and effective effect, DENTSU ONE (Shanghai) combined with the actual and potential users of the crowd's media habits, chose CCTV, which has the most popular audience, to launch the TVC. With the communication effect of CCTV platform, the brand influence of the market can be enhanced, the confidence of distributors can be improved; the popularity of brand can be improved in low-tier cities, the good feeling and trust of brand can be can be improved. At the outbreak point, we have considered the sales trend of the whole industry after the end of the epidemic and prepared for the sales campaign in advance.

Based on the long-term cooperation experience with SKECHERS , DENTSU ONE (Shanghai) helped SKECHERS to successfully launch its new walking shoes GOWALK through in-depth understanding, combing and research of the brand and products, and through progressive promotion, and finally achieved unexpected communication results and market reaction.

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