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The 4th China International Import Expo Honda online and offline integrated communication

Time: 2021-11-05 00:00:00


On November 5, 2021, the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) officially opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Honda brings its latest achievements in electrification and a number of cars and motorcycle star products to the exhibition, fully demonstrating the product strength of the era of electrification, and bringing customers rich and diverse driving fun and new experience.


This expo, Honda new pure electric vehicle brand "E :N" series of the first model E :NS1 special edition amazing appearance, bring "move", "wisdom", "beauty" new value experience; The NEW ACCORD hybrid, which was just released in October, also appeared at the booth, once again leading the middle and advanced car market to make a breakthrough and create a NEW experience of intelligent travel. The 11th Generation Civic, a new benchmark of sports aesthetics, was also exhibited at the same time, bringing extreme and pleasant driving experience; In addition, Honda DreamWing luxury motorcycle flagship model new Gold Wing (Golden Wing) GL1800 and Honda Wing ultra popular model NSS350 will also be on display, showing the extraordinary riding charm of personality and attitude.

[Honda booth is located in Hall 2.1, National Convention and Exhibition Center]

The first pure electric car was unveiled, fully demonstrating the new achievements of electrification

As Honda new pure electric vehicle brand "E :N" series of the first mass production models, Dongfeng Honda E :NS1 condenses the "movement" "wisdom" "beauty" three core values, to provide users with unprecedented new value, new feeling, new experience.


In terms of "motion", E :NS1 continues Honda's sports gene. Equipped with the intelligent and efficient pure electric Architecture "E :N Architecture F" of the front drive, it sets the special frame of pure electric vehicle with high rigidity, the three-in-one high power motor, and the large capacity battery with the maximum range of more than 500 kilometers. It has realized the overwhelming driving performance of the combination of people and vehicles, which is fast and fast, and provides users with much more fun and driving experience than electric vehicles of the same level.


In terms of "intelligence", E :NS1 is equipped with "E :N OS" full-stack intelligent control ecosystem, which integrates the intelligent digital cockpit built based on the hierarchical HMI system, the dedicated version of Honda CONNECT 3.0 pure electric vehicle with more than 20 advanced functions, and the Safe driving Assistance system Honda SENSING. Make more convenient and intelligent information acquisition and vehicle control possible, and provide users with a safer and intelligent mobile space.


In terms of "beauty", E :NS1 adopts the new Design language "E :N Design", with the Design concept of "touch the future". In the simple and sharp shape, it uses the symbolic new logo of "E :N" series, and adds "Heart Beat Interactive light language" full of sense of life. In the charging process, it uses a variety of light language expressions. Users can see the charging state at a glance, presenting the "beauty" of futuristic science and technology.

[Dongfeng Honda E :NS1 Special Edition]

The latest automobile products are intensively exhibited, bringing diversified driving options

As an ace benchmark in the domestic middle and advanced car market, Guangqi Honda NEW ACCORD sharp • hybrid face the NEW four modernization wave, in the 10th generation of ACCORD excellent product power again evolution, and Honda CONNECT 3.0 intelligent and guided interconnection system as the focus, With the upgraded Honda SENSING safety supersensible intelligent driving assistance system, equipped with both high efficiency and high performance of the third generation I-MMD dual-motor hybrid system, to build the "intelligent system" with "intelligent connectivity, intelligent safety, intelligent power" as the core, once again lead the middle and advanced car market breakthrough. To bring users practical and advanced intelligent travel experience, become a new model of middle and advanced vehicle intelligence.

[GaC Honda NEW ACCORD · Hybrid]

       Adhering to the "refreshing" new development concept, dongfeng Honda 11th generation civic in the benchmark of evolution, with a comprehensive new aesthetic design, comprehensive optimization of the dynamic performance and comprehensive upgrade of intelligent technology, bring the ultimate cool new driving experience. The 11th generation Civic adopts Honda new design language, the appearance style is bright and simple, the interior is simple and delicate, the lengthened body and wheelbase bring more comfortable driving space; In terms of power, it adopts "Earth Dream" series 1.5T four-cylinder engine and CVT continuously variable transmission, bringing more surging and refreshing driving fun. At the same time, Honda CONNECT 3.0 system and Honda SENSING security system combine smart technology and fun driving, creating a safer, more convenient and comfortable smart travel experience for users.

[Dongfeng Honda 11th Generation Civic]

Superignition assembly of star motorcycle products, showing extraordinary riding charm

As the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda has been committed to bringing Chinese users higher value and more fun mobile products and experiences in order to expand the fun of mobility and life, so that every motorcycle lover can enjoy the fun of free movement.Honda condensation of high-end technology of the motorcycle flagship model Gold Wing GL1800, with luxury performance and advanced comfort configuration, has been walking in the forefront of technology. High quality movement, extreme control and excellent comfort make the long journey more leisurely and full of fun, and achieve the ultimate dream of all knights motorcycle travel.

[Gold Wing GL1800]

As one of the most popular models in the world, the mid-displacement MODEL NSS350 takes "New Stylish Sports" as the development concept. On the basis of creating an advanced appearance full of light feeling and pride, it is equipped with the 330CC "eSP+" engine that provides easy acceleration performance to achieve excellent low fuel consumption. Also adopted according to the driving scene adjustment of the electric windshield, convenient Honda SMART Key system and other advanced equipment, for users to bring strong dynamic performance and comfortable and convenient riding experience. Whether commuting in urban areas or high-speed driving in China's vast suburbs, the NSS350 can meet the needs of Chinese users in a variety of scenarios, realizing the new value of "comfortable and free riding experience".


This Honda booth is located in hall 2.1 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Welcome to visit and experience the unique charm and driving fun of Honda. In the future, Honda will continue to upgrade and innovate through technology, with richer product matrix and services, to provide customers with "the joy of expanding life possibilities".

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