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2021 Honda Electrification strategy conference

Time: 2021-10-13 00:00:00

Honda electric brand E :N strategy conference (online), successfully concluded on October 13.This press conference is following this Year in April, the new three president released Honda comprehensive transformation of electric mobile company strategy after the world's first large-scale release activities, but also the first implementation of Honda China in a real sense of the online press conference.


The event ended with "Hey World, this is EV! By "as the theme, the whole world and China enterprise strategy" "pure electric shock release" brand new concept of "new electric cars on display" "pure electric technology depth interpretation" world debut "the first play of pure electric vehicles," "brand video appreciation" multiple link form, through the five models of shock appearance and release, based on dynamic, intelligence and beauty etc. E: N brand core value, Highlights e:N brand "E: Will Rock you" such a shocking concept. The system conveys to the audience the strength and determination of Honda to the electric career transformation.



Communication has also achieved unprecedented good results, with the total exposure of more than 500 million, the total reading/playback of 240 million, and the total interaction of 1,047,700.In addition, this conference also produced English, Japanese versions, for Honda global market communication.The result is gratifying, but the process is arduous. As we all know, due to the COVID-19 image, the campaign has undergone many changes from "offline" to "offline + online" to "online" in the 11 months since its launch.Dentsu, sea team through close communication and coordination, cooperation with customers, company overcame many cities (Tokyo), guangzhou, wuhan, CG model change frequently, production time is pressing problems, such as finally presented a wonderful perfect online conference, present the effect and communication effect got high reputation in the customers.

Release concept car light show and family photo

The world's first concept car and production car

Please click the link to watch the full releasehttps://weibo.com/hondamotorchina?layerid=4691837958754395

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