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Time: 2021-09-29 00:00:00

GHAC AVANCIER cooperated with famous architectural space designer SHUHEI AOYAMA, based on the combination of life insight and product power, and taking AVANCIER's "unique luxury" as the creative inspiration, to jointly create an experience space of abundant soul -- "Enjoy the new Comfortable World", which was successfully opened in Shanghai Yicang Art Museum from July 30 to August 8.


Unique luxury to inspire inspiration, together with SHUHEI AOYAMA to bring a full mind of strategic innovation, activate the potential guest as the flagship model of GHAC, from the shape design, to the layout of space, AVANCIER has always emphasized the "human feeling", with the new value of "unique luxury Only One Premium", For the success of the new era to bring ample heart experience. In order to continuously improve users' perception of AVANCIER's flagship luxury and activate potential customers in 2021, it is necessary to seek unique and innovative strategies to further deepen users' understanding of AVANCIER's world view and cognition of its unique product power, so as to keep the brand up and activate more potential users. To this end, the project team to the user's perspective and unique way of feeling, linked with well-known space designer SHUHEI AOYAMA to achieve a strategic innovation.


「NATURE」EXPERIENCE THE FRESH NEW, a tunnel leading to AVANCIER NEW Suitable boundary, feel THE nature.

FREEDOMTOUCH THE FREEDOM, a scattered curve space, break THE sense of FREEDOM.

「SELF」 embark on an audio-visual journey to feel YOURSELF. Get back to yourself.

Overcome the sudden outbreak of typhoon and dual problem, the three space triple experience success to build multiple senses nature, freedom, self 】 【 tour of the castle peak his drought-striken fields, has won a number of architectural space design award, is good at through the architectural design, to improve the relationship between human and environment and experience, the design concept of his stressed: what will matter is not house, but the feelings of people. This project, inspired by AVANCIER [unique luxury] brand concept and product force, SHUHEI AOYAMA takes [freedom, nature, self] as the design theme to create "ENJOY YOUR MOMENT".


The first station in Shanghai was affected by the sudden typhoon "Fireworks", which caused the flood level of Huangpu River to exceed the warning line. The sunken square of the site was soaked by water, and the second and third Spaces were affected by large areas of damage. The project team, together with the site and the construction party, immediately adopted an emergency treatment plan, activated the emergency flood control mechanism and adjusted the waterproof technology of exhibition tools, and finally ensured the overall effect of the project and carried out the activities smoothly. Let users in the "free, natural, self" in the triple artistic conception space feel unconstrained, feel constrained, launched a sensory level of the very open and relaxed journey.

At the same time, affected by the epidemic in Nanjing and Jiangsu, Shanghai appeared as a medium-risk area on August 3. After the confirmed case was reported in Shanghai, the number of visitors to the exhibition dropped sharply. By combining the advantages of the Shanghai site, the project team added effective drainage measures and timely adjusted the operation mode to attract more public to participate in the experience. In terms of the on-site experience process, the experience is also extended around the three Spaces of "nature", "freedom" and "self", and the trigger experience of "new comfortable world" is explored through multiple senses, so that participants can enjoy the beauty of "new comfortable world" and penetrate the "unique luxury" advocated by AVANCIER.


Elaborately designed unique visual effects of the guide manual, hidden egg interactive copywriting, get SHUHEI AOYAMA surprise welcome.


Niche perfume tasting interactive experience

Immersive skyscreen audio and video experience, start the audio-visual journey to explore the inner self, after the experience retain the sound of nature card, review at any time.

Project Achievements:

This project, with a unique and innovative approach, deepens users' understanding and deepening of AVANCIER's unique luxury world view and product power, and successfully arouses the attention and resonance of more potential users. In the first Shanghai station, under the dual influence of typhoon "Fireworks" and the outbreak of the epidemic, the site activity KPI was exceeded by overcoming the sudden construction problems and the quick-response operation drainage mechanism. Castle Peak Zhouping carefully built, with AVANCIER "unique luxury" as the inspiration of the triple artistic conception to enjoy, will bring abundant soul of the beautiful experience.


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