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Dentsu One Power ENVIX hybrid launched

Time: 2020-09-20 00:00:00

On September 20th, ENVIX "new hybrid style" was launched in the second factory of Dongfeng Honda. Under the support of the 1.5L third generation I-MMD hybrid system, The product performance of Xiangyu Rui · hybrid system has achieved a leap in evolution. Dentsu Rihai as the model agent of Enjoy domain since the birth of models, from model strategy to the implementation of various landing policies, accompany Enjoy domain all the way forward.



In the process of planning the launch Campaign of the revamp, Dentsu One developed the Campaign theme of "New style of hybrid" by deeply integrating the product characteristics and consumer insight of Hyanyu Rui · Hybrid. "Hybrid new style" is not only the concentrated embodiment of the brand road of Xiangyurui · hybrid through continuous evolution and response to the expectations of The Times, but also the brand ideal of Xiangyurui · hybrid with its strong hybrid technology advantages and product performance to help consumers highlight the avant-garde lelive.



Based on such Campaign theme, the marketing Campaign of this listing uses media technology experience meeting and factory closing ceremony to carry out marketing. Through the media technology experience, Honda sg industrial (China) investment co., LTD., executive vice President Mr Hasegawa archilife interface technology, Honda, sg (China) co., LTD., head of the development of science and technology GuanGen interpretation and Mr Products and national engineering laboratory of electric vehicle authority expert at the university of Beijing institute of technology Professor and founder of the depth of the review, The technology advantages of the third generation I-MMD hybrid system are conveyed to the public. Dongfeng Honda 150th hybrid model production ceremony, to show the outside world Honda global benchmark factory quality and strength. Create topics with multi-dimensional and high exposure to maximize the awareness of technological advantages and brand understanding at the forefront.



Enjoy domain sharp · hybrid listing, marking dongfeng Honda hybrid family further rich, from the high-end hybrid market to the a-class car market penetration, so far Dongfeng Honda hybrid models become more close to the people, so that more consumers feel the charm of hybrid technology.This listing Campaign shows dentsu Rihai's excellent integrated marketing ability, relying on the strategic planning, integrated marketing Campaign planning, creative production, offline activity planning and execution of multiple advantages, to help Dongfeng Honda successfully complete the marketing case of Xiangyu Rui · hybrid models.

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