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2021 VE-1 TA Series test drive event

Time: 2021-08-30 00:00:00

Dentsu One's Guangzhou office recently organized a new car media test drive event for the upcoming launch of the new derivative series innovation of THE GAC Honda pure electric SUV ve-1.


      Ve-1 as the first pure electric SUV of Guangqi Honda, in this new derivation has both the appearance, interior and technological equipment upgrade, and add the car control function. How to hold an innovative and interesting activity, so that media teachers can fully feel and understand the newly derived product upgrades, and spread them out to create sound volume is an important issue that the project team needs to solve. The VE-1 team has tapped into one of the hottest, immersive, immersive entertainment activities of the moment -- script killing. By customizing the exclusive script of VE-1, to "dream walker technology Group patent release", "VE future chip theft", "all the forces to recover the chip and find out the black hand" and other plot Settings, the brand world view of Guangqi Honda EV brand is perceived in a more immersive way, so that the activity is more communication power and exclusive sense.


       The activity draws lessons from the gameplay mechanism of offline live scene script killing, and allows the media to play different roles in the test drive process. As the story progresses, each player needs to complete the character's exclusive side quests to get clues, and then work together to find the hidden truth. The exclusive WOW STATION APP of VE-1 also serves as a mission release terminal, and timely pushes story mission information to participating players based on LBS positioning. To bring media teachers beyond the line of conventional script killing immersive experience.


Ve-1 is a new derivation as the "protagonist" of the whole activity, which is also the heavyweight equipment to achieve the mission. Media teachers drive all the way to each plot experience point. Through the new car function upgrade points and car scene in the plot of the depth of implantation, so that players in the task to find the truth at the same time, fully feel the product charm of ve-1 new car, open the "line immersion" depth experience.


       This new car test drive experience activity, the traditional road test drive to plot experience + vehicle test drive, product upgrade points are fully implanted in the story experience link, coupled with the full cooperation of VE-1 exclusive car APP WOW STATION, better promote the development of the story, let the media call "really sweet".




As of 12:00 on August 30, the media have published 21 articles and 28 articles, including 4 focus pictures on the home page, 3 text chains on the home page and 1 wechat headline. The media reports are still being published. This test drive activity created a new experience mode for GAC Honda electric vehicles, combining the current hot spots with the brand of Guangqi, meeting the innovative needs of customers at the same time, exploring rich and interesting activity experience, and continuing the love of the media and the majority of users for GAC Honda. The innovative form of the event has also been highly recognized by the media and customers.


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