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Honda SUV E: Prototype Plug-in hybrid BREEZE e+ made its global debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

Time: 2021-04-19 00:00:00

The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2021 officially opened on April 19. Honda united gaC Honda Motor Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: GAC Honda) and Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Dongfeng Honda) with its whole series of electric models and the latest technological achievements in the field of intelligence in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center 8.2 Hall.


      This auto show, China's first Honda brand pure electric prototype Honda SUV E: Prototype officially ushered in the world debut, based on the prototype of the production car will be launched in spring 2022. Also making its global debut was the Plug-in hybrid BREEZE E +, which will go on sale in the second half of this year. With the release of a number of electric strategic models, Honda China further expand the lineup of hybrid, plug-in hybrid to pure electric vehicles, demonstrating the comprehensive strength of Honda's unique electric technology.

       Honda Executive Director and Head of China Katsushi Inoue said: "Since its birth, Honda has been in pursuit of excellent environmental performance and the ultimate driving fun as the goal, early began to participate in the development and accumulation of automotive electrification technology, advancing with The Times, and constantly promote the upgrading of electric technology. We hope to continue to uphold Honda's unique DNA, with years of deep technology and experience in the field of hybrid and plug-in hybrid, to develop and provide pure electric vehicles full of driving fun. We plan to launch 10 Honda brand pure electric vehicles in China in the next 5 years. We will accelerate the electrification of Honda in the Chinese market through comprehensive measures and strategic deployment in various fields, and realize the "carbon neutral" vision at an early date.


Electrification: The continuous introduction of new models accelerates the promotion of electrification

China's first Honda brand pure electric prototype Honda SUV E: Prototype has made its world debut. Based on Honda's unique control technology, this new car smooth strong acceleration performance and smart driving fun, the perfect interpretation of Honda's unique "movement". The new generation Honda CONNECT system defines the new value of travel by "wisdom", and opens the new intelligent travel experience to the future for customers. Honda SUV E: Prototype's futuristic styling fully demonstrates the "beauty" of technology. Honda SUV E: Prototype as the first Honda brand pure electric car to be launched in China, has extraordinary symbolic significance. Production models based on the model will be first released in China in early 2022, and will be marketed globally in the future.

[ Honda SUV e: prototype ]


Plug-in HYBRID model BREEZE · HYBRID E + made its first show in the global motor engine at this auto show. The SPORT HYBRID E + system carried by it is based on the development of Honda's third generation I-MMD dual motor HYBRID system, which amplifies the technical advantages of "excellent motor performance" of The HYBRID and makes pure electric travel become the norm. Bring more quiet and strong driving experience, can meet all kinds of travel scenarios, solve the user's travel anxiety. On the basis of inheriting BREEZE's all-round instinctive charm, BREEZE hybrid E + creates practical and advanced sense of "uncompromising" inserting and driving new experience for users. The model will be available in the second half of this year.

[ 皓影(BREEZE)锐・混动 e+ ]


In addition, Honda's CR-V Hybrid e-+, which debuted in February, made another appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show. Cr-v Rui · HYBRID E + leads the market with strong product force, stylish and dynamic appearance, and carries Honda's unique SPORT HYBRID E + plug-in HYBRID power system, safer driving, faster power response, more efficient fuel economy, more quiet space, for users to bring infinite new car experience close to EV. Cr-v has also become the industry's first set of fuel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid three power systems as one of the popular star model.

[ CR-V 锐・混动 e+ ]


The Honda booth features ACCORD, CRIDER, BREEZE, ODYSSEY, INSPIRE, ENVIX, CR-V, ELYSION Hybrid, and, Cr-v · Hybrid E + plug-in hybrid models, VE-1+, VE-1 S+, M-NV pure electric models, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles of the whole series of electrification product lineup.


Intelligent: the third generation Honda CONNECT system creates intelligent travel experience

In the area of intelligence, the just released third generation Honda CONNECT system sets up an experience zone on site, where customers can experience the new smart travel. The system will be seamless mobile travel and daily life, with industry leading intelligent voice for interactive interface, realizes the intelligent assistant "AI", "daily life" the Internet, "remote control", "OTA online upgrade" and so on innovation performance, and fully upgraded the precision advanced functions such as navigation, online entertainment, to provide customers with wisdom travel new experiences. The third generation Honda CONNECT will be available in new Honda models starting in the second half of 2021.

[ The third generation Honda CONNECT system ]

Safety: all-round advanced safe driving assistance system protects travel safety

In order to realize the vision of "zero traffic fatalities", Honda continuously upgrades active safety technology. Honda SENSING is an upgraded version of the advanced safe driving assistance system, which also sets up an experience area in the field. The system improves the sensitivity and accuracy of the surrounding environment through the ultra-wide Angle camera and 360-degree microwave radar, and greatly improves the ability of vehicle identification, prediction and judgment. And through the realization of "reduce the probability of accidents" and "reduce the driving load" two major functions of the upgrade, all-round protection of the safety of traffic participants.

[ Comprehensive Advanced Safe Driver Assistance System ]


Honda has always been committed to expanding the joy of "mobile" and "life" for customers, and will accelerate the promotion of technology upgrading and service innovation in the field of electrification and intelligence, to bring customers with the joy of mobile travel experience.

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