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The third generation Honda CONNECT is officially released

Time: 2021-03-22 00:00:00

On March 22, Honda Technology Research Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd. held an online press conference on the theme of "this journey is more intelligent", the third generation Of Honda CONNECT (intelligent connectivity) system to industry-leading intelligent voice interface, Innovative features such as "AI Intelligent Assistant", "Daily Life interconnection", "remote control" and "OTA online upgrade" have been realized. Advanced functions such as precise navigation and online entertainment have also been comprehensively upgraded to create a brand new intelligent travel experience for customers. The third generation Of Honda CONNECT will be available on new Honda models starting in the second half of 2021.

In order to realize the unique fun intelligent travel experience, Honda China is accelerating the promotion of electrification and ICV technology upgrading. In the area of smart connectivity technology and services, Honda CONNECT system has become an indispensable system platform to create new mobile value for customers. In the future, Honda CONNECT will continue to upgrade its vision of "more connectivity", "more intimate assistant", "more intelligent growth", and expect to build cars into reliable partners who grow together with customers.

The main functions of the third generation Honda CONNCET are as follows (the actual carrying functions are subject to specific models)

① Industry-leading AI intelligent assistant: Redefining the human-vehicle relationship

As the core highlight of the third generation Honda CONNECT, the AI intelligent assistant with strong natural speech ability not only has a high degree of natural language understanding ability, quick response, can realize the natural and smooth dialogue between people and cars, providing high-quality experience; Can also be based on user preferences, provide free naming and other personalized customization services, at the same time to achieve a variety of dialect dialogue, so that the mobile journey is full of fun.

At the same time, AI intelligent assistant can also provide precise intelligent navigation, information search and entertainment operation services based on powerful intelligent voice interaction function. And can realize air conditioning and open and close the window and other vehicle control. Humanized interactive experience makes mobile travel more safe, convenient and comfortable.

[Personalized customization service]

② Daily life interconnection: mobile and life seamless connection

While on the move, you can control smart home products in your home through the third generation Honda CONNECT; At the same time, Honda CONNCET system can also carry out online shopping, ordering takeout and other operations, to achieve the seamless connection between mobile and daily life.

[Car voice shopping]

       Similarly, at home, the tmall genie paired with the third generation Honda CONNECT can know the vehicle status at any time, master the vehicle range in real time, and remotely start the vehicle, turn on the air conditioning and other operations, comfortable and convenient, to create a perfect system of "people, cars, home" interaction.

[Remote control of smart home]

③ Remote control: realize the integration of science and technology

By Honda CONNECT APP on mobile phone, after binding the vehicle, the mobile phone digital key can be used to start the vehicle, confirm the vehicle and control it remotely. At the same time, the mobile phone digital key can be authorized to family and friends, so that they can control the vehicle at the same time, feel the convenience and joy brought by technology.

[Digital key]

      Through the mobile phone will also be able to check the status and position of the vehicle, quickly find the car and other functions, so that you can confirm the parking position of the vehicle more quickly, at the same time, the vehicle for a variety of remote control, such as remote lock, unlock, open the trunk, air conditioning switch, hand control of the vehicle state, more secure, more convenient.

[Remote Vehicle Control]

④ OTA online upgrade: Truly customized for you

With The continuous iteration and evolution of Smart AI technology and The updating of The Internet ecosystem, The system can realize continuous upgrading and enhancement of functions through cloud services and OTA (Over The Air), such as additional customized voice functions. Real-time update of map data, in-depth study of user behavior preferences to provide more personalized exclusive services, and constantly add applications and functions, etc., to provide customers with fresh feelings at any time, truly understand what you want, accompany you to grow, let the car become beyond customer expectations of the "exclusive partner".

[OTA Online upgrade]

As one of the core technologies in the field of intelligence, Honda released the first generation of Honda CONNECT (Intelligent connectivity) system in 2015, since then, through cooperative innovation, to promote the upgrade of the system. In June 2019, Honda announced cooperation with alibaba AI Lab and IFlyTek and other outstanding IT companies to jointly develop the third generation Honda CONNECT. In June 2020, Honda and Neusoft Ruichi Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly established Haina New Smart Travel Service Co., Ltd. to accelerate the promotion of smart network technology and service upgrading with Honda CONNECT as the main body. This release of the third generation Honda CONNECT is the first achievement of Hina Xinsi Smart Travel Service Co., LTD. In the future, Honda will continue to work with excellent partners to accelerate the advancement of electrification and intelligent technology, and continue to bring more and more fun products and services to Chinese consumers.

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